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5 Words 2 Create 4 Charity Artwork of the Month

Art is about creating something new.  Whether it is thought provoking or “merely” pleasing to the eye, it is about something novel that the viewer can enjoy.

This page was designed with this spirit in mind.  Each month, we will be taking suggestions on ideas to be turned into a work of art.  At the end of the month, we will choose what we believe to be the most interesting, and will interpret it into a drawing.  The drawing will then be put up for sale in our gallery, and 25% of the list price will be donated to charity when it is sold.  The person with the winning submission will have the option to purchase the drawing at a discount, or receive a free $25 BenZev Art gift certificate!

Participating takes less than a minute, giving you plenty of time to browse other people’s submissions, or to simply get on with your day.

You can submit 5 words per week.  Have fun with it; remember: the most interesting combination of words wins!

Please keep it appropriate for all age groups; anything seen as inappropriate will be deleted by the gallery.

Help Me to Complete My Artwork
What? No artistic training? Even better.

Every single work of art is composed of two main distinct elements. These two components give the artwork its distinct character, emotion, subject, style, and overall existence.  So what duo has the continuous synergy to create this sort of power? 

You and I.      

Artwork is merely a conveyance of perspectives.  Due to its nature, however, it is rarely a monologue, but rather exists as a dialogue. 

This page was created as a forum to open up this dialogue.  Each month on this page, we will feature a different work of art from our collection.  Take a moment to share your interpretations, thoughts, questions, comments, etc. about the artwork, and see what others have to say about it.

Participating can take less than a minute, giving you plenty of time to browse other people’s comments, or to simply get on with your day.

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