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Chiaroscuro Series #7: Drive and Creation (2)
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Chiaroscuro Series #7: Drive and Creation (2)
mixed media
Height= 7.5 ft.
© 2006 David Master

Price: $5,000.00   Buy Art

This large installation sculpture takes the viewer through a surreal narrative meant to explain two main aspects of the creation process. This first aspect is the drive, the energy and perspiration, which is needed to create something new. This drive is illustrated through the symbolic energy created by the man atop a mountain flinging the oversized person above his head. Painted by means of an original technique found in other works of the Chiaroscuro Series, it appears as though light is emanating from this man, and is projected throughout the sculpture. Following this illusion of light brings us to the second aspect of the sculpture: the actual act of creating. This light travels through a circle cutout and passes by a person making shadow puppets with his hands. These shadows are projected onto the falling screen behind it, allowing for the creation of a new image to appear, and for the creation process to finally come to a close, if only for a little while.

The sculpture illustrates the perspiration and creation of bringing something new into existence; to see the inspiration that goes into the creation process, take a look at the painting “Muse’s Muse,” found in the painting room.

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