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About the Artist
The artist, DAVID MASTER

David Master, with a BFA and an MBA, has a diverse background in the arts, education, and business. Just like his multi-faceted interests, his artistic styles vary greatly, ranging from surreal narratives to abstract figures.

He has been interested in art from a young age, selling his first sculpture at 11 years old. While he enjoys working in a variety of 2-dimensional media, including drawing and painting, he has always been drawn towards the complexities and challenges of creating 3-dimensional artwork.

The intensity and dynamism of much of his work come from an appreciation for baroque art, while a strong influence of African art guide the flowing forms and interacting shapes of many of his sculptural creations. His intention is not to tell you a story with his narrative artwork, but rather to give you, the viewer, a starting point to tell your own story.

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